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Reading great copy is effortless. Great copywriting is not. Your potential customers are goldfish, with attention spans shorter than the queue in the local pub. Every web page, landing page, blog and ad needs to connect. Not now. Five seconds ago.

Average copy don’t always earn attention. Stories do. A brand’s success is defined by the stories they tell and through the content they distribute. At Felthouse, our writers specialise in creating distinct voices for brands. We’re experts at adjusting content to fit different media channels’ requirements, helping you to communicate efficiently in any format.

Whether you’re looking for a thumb stopping advertising campaign optimised across social platforms, powerful blogs written for SEO, website copy, a press release or even company name ideas, our copywriting is proven to command attention, provoke reaction, and inspire action. 

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Why Choose Felthouse?

Felthouse is an award winning digital design agency based in London. Our team have over a decade of experience working worldwide on copywriting projects.

Website Copy

Your website serves as the virtual storefront of your business; a digital representation of your brand's vibe, essence and backstory. Just as you meticulously curate your physical storefront to leave a lasting impression, your online presence demands the same level of attention. Consider compelling copy as the employee of the month, number one sales representative of your brand, equipped with the persuasive charm demanded to captivate visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

Landing Pages

Looking to win over your customers? It's no easy feat. Here's the deal: Today's browsers aren't keen on being aggressively sold to, which complicates the sales process. That's where we come in. Leveraging proven frameworks, cutting-edge AI tools, and insights from consumer psychology, we craft the ideal conversion strategy. Our goal? To drive leads, boost revenue, and ensure repeat business, keeping your audience engaged and eager for more.

Blog Posts + SEO

Content has to resonate, otherwise you risk not only losing your audience, but losing them to a competitor. For good. Building trust and authority within your industry requires a strategic approach that captivates and informs. That's where the power of blog posts and SEO articles comes in. By crafting insightful and engaging content, you not only establish credibility but also create a magnetic pull, drawing steady streams of traffic to your virtual doorstep

Social Media Copy

Ah, the enigmatic realm of social media for business. You recognise its importance, yet navigating it effectively remains a challenge. It's a familiar scenario: haphazardly tossing out assorted social media messages in hopes that something resonates. Not the most effective tactic. Instead, we specialise in crafting social media copy that's not only impactful but strategically driven. Our aim? To cultivate a strong list of targeted prospects who will eagerly amplify your message, catapulting your brand to success. #Winning

Video Scripts

Your customers grew up surrounded by video. They crave content that's not only enjoyable and engaging but also easy to consume. The demand is insatiable. And for your brand, embracing the video revolution is a no-brainer. We specialise in crafting beautifully magnetic scripts for your videos, overseeing your entire project from concept to production. Our goal? To deliver a video that exudes personality, precision, and substance - guiding your audience seamlessly towards conversion. Time to press play.

Conversion Copy

Getting that sale over the line requires requires genuine finesse. There's no place for flimsy one-liners. You aim to secure your customers' commitment. But before they say "I do," you've got to invest in the groundwork. It's about comprehending their desires, guiding them through a meticulously planned journey, and then making your proposition. We propel your customers into action through well-honed frameworks, tested formulas, and proven persuasion techniques. And thus, they embark on a journey towards lasting satisfaction.

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