Madame Retreats

Exclusive women's only wellness resort in the south of France
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Madame Retreats

Madame Retreats is an exclusive 4-star health and wellness sanctuary nestled in the heart of the French countryside. Their carefully planned 7-day retreat, from Saturday to Saturday, invites women to embark on a transformative journey that positively impacts their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Madame Retreats came to us at the beginning of their journey. We love working with new companies and the blank canvas it affords. We were briefed with establishing a strong brand identity reflecting the essence of luxury, exclusivity and femininity. Our goal was to develop a digital presence that captivated potential guests, encouraging them to explore and engage with the spa retreat. We created cohesive brand materials, including a logo, new website and socials. 

From business cards to brochures, every touchpoint was designed to reinforce the spa retreats brand identity and communicate it’s unique value proposition. 

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