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Your potential customers are goldfish, with attention spans shorter than the queue in the local pub. Ads don’t always earn attention. Stories do. A brand’s success is defined by the stories they tell and through the content they distribute. 

As an award winning videography agency based in London, we specialise in results driven videography services for everyone from start ups to global brands. Ramping up traffic, conversions, sales, and that rain-making revenue, we build razor sharp video strategies, filmed on 5k cinematic Red cameras with light speed turnarounds in a state of the art editing studio.

Whether you’re looking for a thumb stopping ad optimised across social platforms, out of this world animation explainers, or a deep dive documentary into your company roots, our videography commands attention, provokes reaction, and inspire action. 

Videography Agency London
Felthouse Showreel - Felthouse Showreel

Why Choose Felthouse?

Felthouse is an award winning digital design agency based in London. Our team have over a decade of experience working worldwide on videography projects.

5k Camera Equipment

We shoot using state of the art cinema cameras from RED and Blackmagic most often found in blockbuster films and Netflix documentaries. This ensures incredible, ultra high definition quality. If they're good enough for Spielberg, they're good enough for us.

Optimised For Social

With a deep understanding of social patterns, behaviours and trends, we create content specifically designed and optimised for each individual platform. Different aspect ratios, dynamic titles and narrative structures.

State Of The Art Editing Suite

With our own custom built, made from scratch editing suite featuring world class equipment, technicians and creative directors, we leave no stone unturned in the quest for cinematic, results driven videography to drive engagement.

Fast Turnarounds

Unlike some bloated agencies working with the hand break on, we are a lean, mean video producing machine. Need content ASAP for an upcoming launch, even or ad campaign? We can turn things around faster than you can say 'Action'.

Bulk Shooting

Looking for multiple videos to use over your upcoming social campaigns? We optimise our shoots to gather as much useable material as possible, meaning your social feeds never run dry with engaging, conversion driving content.

In House Composers

Our secret weapon - whilst almost every video producer worldwide struggle to source audio and music by filtering through thousands of generic stock tracks, we have our own in house composing team ready to write the perfect score to accompany your film.

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